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Our range of flours & bakery ingredients

As the UK’s leading independent flour miller, ADM Milling Ltd. offers a wide range of high quality flours and bakery ingredients to all sectors of the UK baking and food industry. Our range includes white, wholemeal, cake and speciality flours, bakery mixes and concentrates, improvers and complementary products.

Strong White Flours

A range of flours designed to meet the functional and final quality requirements of all fermented and specialist flour applications.


Premium high protein flour designed for speciality and continental bread production, offering high volume and an excellent tolerance level plus superb bulk fermentation properties.

Product Code: 6007

Prairie Gold™

This high quality bread making flour has been designed with the craft baker in mind. The flour has built in tolerances to function in a wide variety of bakery processes.

Product Code: 1328


For discerning bakers who require flour milled from high protein Canadian Western Red Springs wheat. Ideally suited for the production of all baked goods requiring the highest quality wheat protein.

Product Code: 3494


A strong bread flour offering a high tolerance and bulk fermentation properties. Ideally suited for the production of ciabatta, steamed or boiled bagels on modern automated production lines, overnight or long-proof Scottish morning rolls.

Product Code: 6001

Special Artisan

Premium-quality white flour with superior texture and flavour. It is designed for Artisan Bakers to produce rustic handmade loaves, such as ciabatta, focaccia, country-style loaves, traditional crusty bread and rolls, as well as baguettes and sour dough bread varieties.

Product Code: 4192

Medium Strength White Flours

Vienna Spring

A premium bakers flour offering greater crust retention and excellent volume. Specially formulated for producing traditional high quality breads, rolls, Vienna style products, croissants, Danish pastries and morning goods.

Product Code: 6035

Diamond White™

Diamond White is a bakers grade flour offering good crumb colour and with added ascorbic acid for dough tolerance. Use this flour for speciality fermented products as well as traditional crusty breads and rolls.

Product Code: 3641

Golden Seal™

A specially milled patent spring flour offering a brighter crumb colour. Superb for quality bread and roll production. May also be used in sponge and dough processes.

Product Code: 814

Bakers Grade White Flours


Bakers grade flour perfect for use in modern production processes. Ideally suited for the production of general bakery products including; breads, rolls, pizza bases, puff pastry, Danish pastry, boiled pastry and flat breads.

Product Code: 1870


A bakers flour which gives good crumb colour. Used for breads, rolls, pizza bases, savoury & puff pastry and noodles.

Product Code: 1867


Falcon flour has been specially created to be used in short or ‘no-time’ production processes. Ideally suited to producing pizza bases, flat breads and savoury goods.

Product Code: 1865

Wholemeal Flours

Traditional Stoneground

A traditional stoneground wholemeal flour. This flour provides an excellent level of flavour and texture in all bread and roll processes. May also be used in cake and biscuit manufacture.

Product Code: 4155

Millers Gold™

This premium quality, roller ground wholemeal flour is ideal for making bread and morning goods. Designed to give an excellent baking performance from ‘no-time’ and CBP processes and provide all the benefits the consumer associates with wholemeal bread.

Product Code: 6205

Brown Flours

Natures Gold™

A premium quality brown flour, giving excellent baking performance from ‘no-time’ and CBP processes. Produces breads and morning goods with the softer texture many consumers prefer.

Product Code: 6155

Malted Wheat Flours

Harvest Sun™

Premium malted wheat flour. The blend of wheat flour, malted barley flour and malted wheat flakes produces excellent quality breads, which have a delicious traditional malty taste and aroma. Used for the production of high quality traditional style malted breads and rolls, it can also be used for the production of a range of cakes and biscuits, such as, hot cross buns, scones, farmhouse cake and fruit breads.

Product Code: 4248

Culinary Flour

A range of unique products designed to meet specific food production requirements. As well as production of short, sweet and savoury pastry.

GD Plain

This low protein soft flour is ideal for pastry and hot plate applications, biscuits and cookies.

Product Code: 776


Low protein soft flour with added raising agents. Perfect for traditional home style cakes and sponges.

Product Code: 780

White Rose

Flour specifically blended from hard and soft wheat to be particulary suited for flat breads and sweet,short and savoury pastry production

Product Code: 6085

French Flour

Epis D’Or

Premium-quality white flour for the Artisan Baker traditionally milled in the French way from 100 percent French wheat. This flour contains ascorbic acid which helps to strengthen the gluten and gives the dough more tolerance, meaning there is no need to add an improver. It is the perfect choice for baking traditional tasting French-style breads, such as epi bread, French baguettes and petit pain. Also perfect for croissants.

Product Code: 4186

T-55 French Flour

Milled in the traditional French style from 100% French wheat, T-55 offers an authentic continental flavour. Specially formulated for the automated production of baguettes, demi-baguettes, petit pain and general continental bread products.

Product Code: 3350

Pizza Flours

Primo Pizza

A top quality pizza flour for all types of pizza production. This is a pizza flour ideally suited to the top quality pizza food services sector and comes in an distinctive Italian style flour bag- perfect for pizza flour wholesale distributors.

Product Code: 4253

Strong Pizza

A standard strong pizza flour with a high gluten content. This pizza flour is suited to all types of pizza production, from automated plants and wholesale sales to Italian restaurants and take away pizza shops.

Product Code: 6057

Heat Treated Flours


Countess is a heat-treated inactivated flour for use as a thickener in soup or gravy. Also suitable for pastry and wafer type products when blended with GD Plain flour to give shorter eating products.

Product Code: 3639

Super Helium™ Hi-Ratio

A heat treated high-ratio cake flour for the manufacture of cakes where an exceptionally brighter crumb colour is important, ideally suited to angel cake and swiss roll.

Product Code: 1800


Heat treated high protein cake flour for fruit cakes, slab celebration cakes and cake muffins.

Product Code: 305


Kingfisher is a heat treated high-ratio cake flour offering low moisture characteristics for greater water holding capabilities. Ideal for manufacturing a wide range of cake styles.

Product Code: 1025

Pastry Flour with Maize


A pastry flour made from a blend of soft wheat and maize. Used for the production of short, sweet and savoury pastry by both hand and automated methods. The addition of maize gives a golden colour to short pastry at the same time providing a deliciously crisp eating texture. Other benefits include easier rolling and pinning, combined with reduced wastage due to toughening of the pastry dough during processing, allowing pastry dough residue to be re-worked many times.

Product Code: 3878

Pre-Mixes & Concentrates For Confectionery & Breads

The Bakers Mixes range offers high quality, easy to use products ideal for the creation of delicious confectionery and breads.

Banana Cake Mix (Product Code: 2663-12)

Bun & Doughnut Mix (Product Code: 3207-25)

Bun & Doughnut Concentrate (Product Code: 3202-16)

Bun Mix (Product Code: 3205-25)

Classic American Style Doughnut Concentrate (Product Code: 3200-16)

Carolina Cookie Mix (Product Code: 3527-12)

Carrot Cake Mix (Product Code: 2539-12)

Chocolate Creme Cake Mix (Product Code: 2703-12)

Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix (Product Code: 327-12)

Chocolate New York Muffin Mix (Product Code: 4239-12)

Chocolate Sponge Mix (Product Code: 324-12)

Complete Ginger Cake Mix (Product Code: 1056-12)

Creme Cake Mix (Product Code: 2702-12)

General Purpose Cake Mix (Product Code: 741-12)

Luxury Eggless Sponge Mix (Product Code: 4207-12)

Madeira Cake Mix (Product Code: 1105-12)

Malted Flake Concentrate (Product Code: 4256-12)

New York Muffin Mix (Product Code: 4240-12)

New Improved Farmhouse Cake Mix (Product Code: 4175-12)

Oatmill Bread & Roll Concentrate (Product Code: 1222-10)

Parisian Broche (Product Code: 4243-12)

Raspberry & Passionfruit Cake Mix (Product Code: 1057-012)

Scone Mix (Product Code: 1530-12)

Soft Roll Mix (Product Code: 1635-25)

Sponge Mix (Product Code: 1695-12)

Toffee Cake Mix (Product Code: 2779-12)

Complementary Products

The Bakers Mixes range also offers a variety of delicious toppings and fillings, perfectly complementing the pre-mixes to create a mouth watering combination.

Topping & Filling Mixes

Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix (Product Code: 302-12)

Confectioners Custard Mix (Product Code: 2610-12)

Toffee Flavoured Fudge Icing (Product Code: 2780-12)

Vanilla Flavoured Fudge Icing (Product Code: 2540-12)

Bakery Ingredients

This range of ingredients has been specially formulated to meet the high standards demanded by the ever changing modern food industry. Each product is supplied in packaging featuring all necessary usage rates and recipe information enabling you to gain the maximum quality and consistency at all stages of production.

ADM Bredsoy EA Soya Flour

Enzyme active soya flour to improve water uptake, crumb softness and colour in a range of bread making processes and products.

Product Code: 6258

ADM Trusoy™ Soya Flour

Heat treated soya flour for use in a range of confectionery applications.

Product Code: 6259

ADM Clean Label Multi Purpose Improver

A premium quality multipurpose improver containing no E numbers with the exception of Flour Improver (ascorbic acid). For use in all bread processes specifically for when”clean” label ingredients are required.

Product Code: 6256

ADM Pastry Dough Relaxer

To reduce shrinkage in pastry production without the inclusion of soya flour

Product Code: 2468

ADM Soft Roll Concentrate

Ideal for the manufacture of soft rolls, finger rolls, baps, and burger buns, producing a moister product with extended shelf life.

Product Code: 7289

Note:- Soya flours and other ingredients which contain soya are from non-GMO identity preserved soya beans.


Durum semolina milled from selected durum wheat. Lasagne sheets, Cannelloni, Fusilli, Coccioloni, Penne, Rigatoni, Linguine, Spaghetti and Ravioli can all be produced with an authentic eating quality.

Available in coarse or fine.


ADM is able to supply a wide variety of other products available on request.

Bakers Bran

Rye Flour

Rice Flour


Maize Flour

Rice Cones

Maize Cones

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